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Signature Series ISP Gold

ULTRA RARE: Only 10 made Worldwide! The "ISP SLOTS SHIELD Signature Series" is not just a record case; it's a premium collectible item that showcases the artistry of DJ culture and the collaboration with the iconic Invisble Skratch Piklz


Limited Edition: This product is part of a limited edition, with only 10 Gold cases available worldwide. This exclusivity makes it highly sought after by collectors and turntablist enthusiasts.


Unique Design: The case features a one-of-a-kind Shield design with a goild inlay embossed ISP beedle on the front, making it stand out.

Back Embossed Signatures: The back of the case is adorned with gold inlay embossed signatures from renowned DJs Qbert, D-Styles, and Shortkut, adding a personalized touch and collector's value.

ISP Logo: The ISP logo is embossed on the case, showcasing the brand's identity.


Collector's Item: With its unique design, limited availability, and signature endorsements, the "ISP SLOTS SHIELD "Signature Series" becomes a collector's item for DJ/Turntablist

Signature Series ISP Gold


ULTRA RARE: Only 10 made Worldwide!

- Unique Shield like design

- ULTRA Leather material smooth to the touch

- Durable quality machine stitched  built to last

- Magnetic snap-on closure

- Dual Inner pockets with anti- dust/static microfiber material


For use with:

- Serato traktor virtual dj rekordbox control vinyl
- Battle scratch record friendly

- Holds & Protects 2 - 4 Control Vinyl with slip-mats for snug fit

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Sofresh x ISP

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